This page is for recommendations for those in Year 3 and 4 - generally 8-10 years old.

Recommended by ...
Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
Judy Blume

Family and school life through the eyes of a fourth grade boy
Hilarious reading
Elizabeth Williams
Pat Flynn

Danny has some close encounters with wild animals.
All three books are part of the "Adventures of Danny" series and contain short stories aimed at kids 7 - 11 yrs

Pat Flynn

In the second Adventure Danny comes up against something even more dangerous than animals – his family

Pat Flynn

Danny goes to America where he learns about bullies, the birds and the bees, and beating Tommy

Michelle Ferguson
Lone Pine
Susie Brown & Margaret Warner
Little Hare
The amazing true story of a tree that has great significance in our ANZAC celebrations.
Haunting and moving
Barbara B
The Twits
Roald Dahl/ Quentin Blake
Jonathon Cape
Mr & Mrs Twit are as revolting as each other. They delight in playing tricks on each other. Mrs Twit drops her glass eye into Mr Twit's beer. He retaliates by putting a frog in her bed. They finally get what they deserve from a monkey family and their friend the Roly-Poly bird.
Simon Callow reads the audiobook of The Twits on YouTube. The Roald Dahl website includes information as well as interactive activities.
A great book to introduce students to Roald Dahl. It's grossly funny - just what Year 3-4 students love!
Robyn Veugen